ArangoDB v3.9.1 Drivers Documentation

ArangoDB drivers are interfaces between programming languages and ArangoDB, which enable programmers to connect to and manipulate ArangoDB deployments from within native language programs. From a language perspective, documents and database structures can be integrated with data types and their methods. The precise mapping of concepts and methods depends on the capabilities and practices of each language.

Programming is a powerful way of automating interactions and control of the database, as well as to integrate database operations into your own software. The status of the drivers below varies from supported to community contributions.

Official drivers

Name Language Repository  
ArangoDB Java driver Java Changelog
ArangoJS JavaScript Changelog
ArangoDB PHP PHP Changelog
Go driver Go Changelog
C#/.NET driver C# Changelog


Name Language Repository  
Spring Data Java Changelog
ArangoDB Datasource for Apache Spark Scala, Java, Python, R Changelog
ArangoDB-Spark-Connector Scala, Java Changelog

Community drivers

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Name Language Repository
Arangoex Elixir
Arangox Elixir
aranGO Go
aranGoDriver Go
arangolite Go
pyArango Python
python-arango Python
aioarango Python
aioarangodb Python
Proteus Scala
avokka Scala
arangodb-scala-driver Scala
Scarango Scala
aRango-Driver R
arangodb-php-client PHP
dotnet-arangodb C# / .NET C# / .NET
dotnet-arangodb C# / .NET
arango-driver (fork of ArangoRB) Ruby
Perl5 Arango-Tango Ruby
arangors Rust
Tash C++
erlArango Erlang
eArango Erlang
darango Dart
arango-dart Dart

Community integrations and libraries

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Name Environment Language Repository
Eclipse JNoSQL Jakarta NoSQL Java
arangodb-tinkerpop-provider Gremlin Java
arangodb-graphql-java GraphQL Java
Kafka Connect ArangoDB Kafka Java
ArangoDb Camel Camel Java
Micronaut ArangoDB Mirconaut Java
ArangoDB TestContainers Testcontainers Java
Write-Ahead-Log Client in Java   Java
ArangoBee data migration tool   Java
cruddl GraphQL JavaScript
feathers-arangodb Feathers JavaScript
orango Node.js, Foxx, browser JavaScript
Hemera-arango-store Hemera JavaScript
ArangoDB.Ecto Ecto Elixir
Python ORM Layer for ArangoDB   Python
Arangodantic Pydantic Python
arangodol   Python
Aranguent Laravel PHP
MopArangoDbBundle Symfony2 PHP
arangoq: a query builder layer   Rust
Aragog: A fully featured ODM and OGM library for ArangoDB   Rust
GORM Arango Driver GORM Go
Apache Spline: Data lineage tracking solution that uses ArangoDB for storage Apache Spark Scala

Community projects

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Name Environment Language Repository
Fasty: CMS based on OpenResty / Lapis & ArangoDB NodeJS JavaScript
foxxy: Create your app with ArangoDB Foxx RiotJS UIKIT3 Brunch Yarn Foxx JavaScript
RecallGraph: A versioning data store for time-variant graph data Foxx JavaScript
ArangoDb.Net.Identity: .NET Core Identity library for ArangoDB .NET C#
Docker Swarm example configuration Docker Swarm
Intellij plugin for AQL, ArangoDB language support Intellij Java