To use datacenter to datacenter replication you need the following:

  • Two datacenters, each running an ArangoDB Enterprise Edition cluster, version 3.3 or higher, using the RocksDB storage engine.
  • A network connection between both datacenters with accessible endpoints for several components (see individual components for details).
  • TLS certificates for ArangoSync master instances (can be self-signed).
  • Optional (but recommended) TLS certificates for ArangoDB clusters (can be self-signed).
  • Client certificates CA for ArangoSync masters (typically self-signed).
  • Client certificates for ArangoSync masters (typically self-signed).
  • At least 2 instances of the ArangoSync master in each datacenter.
  • One instances of the ArangoSync worker on every machine in each datacenter.

Note: In several places you will need a (x509) certificate.
The Certificates section provides more guidance for creating and renewing these certificates.

Besides the above list, you probably want to use the following:

  • An orchestrator to keep all components running, e.g. systemd.
  • A log file collector for centralized collection & access to the logs of all components.
  • A metrics collector & viewing solution such as Prometheus + Grafana.