Deploying ArangoDB on AWS

ArangoDB can be deployed on AWS or other cloud platforms. AWS is the infrastructure provider choice for some of the largest ArangoDB installations.

Up to and including ArangoDB 3.2, official ArangoDB AMI were available in the AWS marketplace. Such AMIs are not being maintained anymore, though. However, deploying on AWS is still possible, and again, a quite common scenario.

After having initialized your preferred AWS instance with one of the ArangoDB supported operating systems, using the ArangoDB Starter, performing a Manual Deployment or using Kubernetes are all valid options to deploy on AWS.

In order to deploy on AWS, general guidelines like using a fast, direct-attached SSD disk for the data directory of the ArangoDB processes apply.

We recommend EC2 I3 instances and to use io1 storage rather than gp2 on AWS, which are specifically designed with higher IOPS demands of databases in mind. Note that replication by itself generates a manifold of the incoming write load in the back end. Also see the AWS documentation.