Configuration & secrets

An ArangoDB cluster has lots of configuration options. Some will be supported directly in the ArangoDB Operator, others will have to specified separately.

Built-in options

All built-in options are passed to ArangoDB servers via commandline arguments configured in the Pod-spec.

Other configuration options

All commandline options of arangod (and arangosync) are available by adding options to the spec.<group>.args list of a group of servers.

These arguments are added to th commandline created for these servers.


The ArangoDB cluster needs several secrets such as JWT tokens TLS certificates and so on.

All these secrets are stored as Kubernetes Secrets and passed to the applicable Pods as files, mapped into the Pods filesystem.

The name of the secret is specified in the custom resource. For example:

apiVersion: ""
kind: "Cluster"
  name: "example-arangodb-cluster"
  mode: Cluster
    jwtSecretName: <name-of-JWT-token-secret>