ArangoDB Server HTTP Options

Keep-alive timeout


Allows to specify the timeout for HTTP keep-alive connections. The timeout value must be specified in seconds. Idle keep-alive connections will be closed by the server automatically when the timeout is reached. A keep-alive-timeout value 0 will disable the keep alive feature entirely.

Queue time header

Introduced in: v3.9.0


If true, the server will return the x-arango-queue-time-seconds HTTP header with all responses. The value contained in this header indicates the current queueing/dequeuing time for requests in the scheduler (in seconds). Client applications and drivers can use this value to control the server load and also react on overload.

Setting the option to false will make arangod not return the HTTP header in responses.

The default value is true.

Hide Product header


If true, the server will exclude the HTTP header “Server: ArangoDB” in HTTP responses. If set to false, the server will send the header in responses.

The default is false.

Allow method override


When this option is set to true, the HTTP request method will optionally be fetched from one of the following HTTP request headers if present in the request:

  • x-http-method
  • x-http-method-override
  • x-method-override

If the option is set to true and any of these headers is set, the request method will be overridden by the value of the header. For example, this allows issuing an HTTP DELETE request which to the outside world will look like an HTTP GET request. This allows bypassing proxies and tools that will only let certain request types pass.

Setting this option to true may impose a security risk so it should only be used in controlled environments.

The default value for this option is false.