Cluster Troubleshooting

  • Cluster frontend is unresponsive
    • Check if the Coordinator(s) in question are started up.
    • Check if the Agency is up and a leader has been elected. If not ensure that all or a majority of Agents are up and running.
    • Check if all processes have been started up with the same JWT_SECRET. If not ensure that the JWT_SECRET used across the cluster nodes is identical for every process.
    • Check if all cluster nodes have been started with SSL either dis- or enabled. If not decide what mode of operation you would like to run your cluster in, and consistently stick with for all Agents, Coordinators and DB-Servers.
    • Check if network communication between the cluster nodes is such that all processes can directly access their peers. Do not operate proxies between the cluster nodes.
  • Cluster front end announces errors on any number of nodes
    • This is an indication that the Agency is running but either Coordinators or DB-Servers are disconnected or shut down. Establish network connection to or start the according nodes.
    • Make sure that the nodes in question share the same JWT_SECRET and SSL operation mode with the functioning nodes.

Dig deeper into cluster troubleshooting by going through the ArangoDB Cluster Administration Course.