ArangoLocalStorage Custom Resource

The ArangoDB Storage Operator creates and maintains ArangoDB storage resources in a Kubernetes cluster, given a storage specification. This storage specification is a CustomResource following a CustomResourceDefinition created by the operator.

Example minimal storage definition:

apiVersion: ""
kind: "ArangoLocalStorage"
  name: "example-arangodb-storage"
    name: my-local-ssd
  - /mnt/big-ssd-disk

This definition results in:

  • a StorageClass called my-local-ssd
  • the dynamic provisioning of PersistentVolume’s with a local volume on a node where the local volume starts in a sub-directory of /mnt/big-ssd-disk.
  • the dynamic cleanup of PersistentVolume’s (created by the operator) after one is released.

The provisioned volumes will have a capacity that matches the requested capacity of volume claims.

Specification reference

Below you’ll find all settings of the ArangoLocalStorage custom resource. string

This setting specifies the name of the storage class that created PersistentVolume will use.

If empty, this field defaults to the name of the ArangoLocalStorage object.

If a StorageClass with given name does not yet exist, it will be created.

spec.storageClass.isDefault: bool

This setting specifies if the created StorageClass will be marked as default storage class. (default is false)

spec.localPath: stringList

This setting specifies one of more local directories (on the nodes) used to create persistent volumes in.

spec.nodeSelector: nodeSelector

This setting specifies which nodes the operator will provision persistent volumes on.