Upgrading on macOS

This section describes upgrading an ArangoDB single-server installation, which was installed via Homebrew or via the provided ArangoDB packages (*.dmg).

Upgrading via Homebrew

First update the homebrew repository:

brew update

Then use brew to install the latest version of arangodb:

brew upgrade arangodb

Upgrading via Package

Download the latest ArangoDB macOS package and install it as usual by mounting the .dmg file. Just drag and drop the ArangoDB3-CLI (community) or the ArangoDB3e-CLI (enterprise) file into the shown Applications folder. You will be asked if you want to replace the old file with the newer one.


Select Replace to install the current ArangoDB version.

Upgrading more complex environments

The procedure described in this Section is a first step to upgrade more complex deployments such as Cluster or Active Failover.