TTL (time-to-live) Options

TTL background thread frequency


The frequency for invoking the TTL background removal thread. The value for this option is specified in milliseconds. The lower this value, the more frequently the TTL background thread will kick in and scan all available TTL indexes for expired documents, and the earlier the expired documents will actually be removed.

TTL maximum total removals


In order to avoid “random” load spikes by the background thread suddenly kicking in and removing a lot of documents at once, the number of to-be-removed documents per thread invocation can be capped.

The TTL background thread will go back to sleep once it has removed the configured number of documents in one iteration. If more candidate documents are left for removal, they will be removed in following runs of the background thread.

TTL maximum per-collection removals


This option controls the maximum number of documents to be removed per collection in each background thread run. This value can be configured separately from the total removal amount so that the per-collection time window for locking and potential write-write conflicts can be reduced.