The application context

The global applicationContext variable available in Foxx modules has been replaced with the context attribute of the module variable. For consistency it is now referred to as the service context throughout this documentation.

Some methods of the service context have changed in ArangoDB 3.0:

  • fileName() now behaves like path() did in ArangoDB 2.x
  • path() has been removed (use fileName() instead)
  • foxxFileName() has been removed (use fileName() instead)

Additionally the version and name attributes have been removed and can now only be accessed via the manifest attribute (as manifest.version and Note that the corresponding manifest fields are now optional and may be omitted.

The options attribute has also been removed as it should be considered an implementation detail. You should instead access the dependencies and configuration attributes directly.

The internal _prefix attribute (which was an alias for basePath) and the internal comment and clearComments methods (which were used by the magical documentation comments in ArangoDB 2.x) have also been removed.

The internal _service attribute (which provides access to the service itself) has been renamed to service.